You’re an Ambitious
Woman On The Rise

but if feels like you're juggling your career and relationship

Connect to your heart and create a wildly intimate bond
with your partner through feminine leadership

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What if...

✅ You and your man felt safe to open up to each other without feeling criticized or defensive?

✅  You were no longer annoyed by the things your partner does...or doesn't do?

✅ You knew how to switch on your feminine power and lead your relationship to the next level, without feeling overwhelmed?

✅ You felt utter intimacy and connection in conversations and the bedroom 😏?

✅ Your relationship and business BOTH took a front seat? 


As my business grew I inadvertently created distance with my man

I was putting all my time into growing my business and it took a toll on my relationship. 

My business was on the rise, I had tripled my income, I was attracting the most amazing clients, and I was having so much fun, but I was taking on too much. I couldn't turn my YES switch off. 

I was slowly becoming burnt out from taking on too many responsibilities and could not switch between work mode and home life. 


I knew I needed to put energy into my relationship but I was running on low power.  

I wanted a thriving business AND a deep connection with my husband - plus all the fun, travel, and adventures that go along with it. 

But I was getting tired, cranky, busy, sleepy, foggy, moody, spend-y, and overwork-y -  the 7 dwarves of overwhelm.

I realized most of the overwhelm was simply my subconscious thoughts preoccupying my mind. GUILT was the culprit. It was taking time and energy away from both my business and relationship. 

I was hanging on to old beliefs about being a successful woman - ain't nobody got time for that. I certainly didn't. 

As I worked through my old stories, I noticed overlapping beliefs between relationship, career, money, and self-worth 

It keeps women stuck in a variety of unwanted situations. 

These days, I live an incredibly dynamic and deeply connected bond with my self-led man, with an overflow of love.  

Over the years I noticed similar beliefs workings with female business owners.

I knew it was time to free more women from these illusions.


About me 

I’m Lindsie Grey,
relationship coach for career women
on the rise.

When my business as a photographer gained traction it created distance in my relationship. Even though I had to tools and resources to work through it I knew there were so many women out there struggling to balance it all. I heard it all the time. Over the years I've become more masterful at thriving in both realms and want you to have that too. 

I knew I wanted to create a quick-to-implement way for busy career women to get closer to their man AND grow their business, faster than doing it alone. 

introducing the 

Entrepreneur in

Love Membership

Feeling overwhelmed isn't a personal failing;
it's a sign you're pushing the very boundaries of success and balance.

But as some of the old patterns and belief from your past show
up it can get in the way of your success and growth. 

This program will equip you with the tools and insights
to create a masterpiece of a relationship. 

By learning how to understand each other, you'll cultivate a high value, consciously-loving connection, set healthy boundaries, dismantle overwhelm, and free up emotional and mental energy. You'll know how to effortlessly balance and switch between masculine and feminine energy within yourself, your relationship, and career. 

In the program you'll engage with like-minded women who understand the art of balancing
a relationship and entrepreneurship.

Share experiences, strategies, and success stories about
nurturing partnerships alongside professional growth.


YES! I WANT INSTANT ACCESS NOW! $7/m (cancel anytime)

Take a look inside

Module One 

We'll zoom out before zooming in. By viewing your life from a birds-eye perspective you can see the map of where you've come from and where you're going.  
It gives you control over your life and emotions so you can make choices from a heart-centre red place.

lesson 1

Evolution Map™

Navigating the spiritual aspects
of  human evolution


 lesson 2

Belief Drivers

3 drivers that form your personality and 3 clues you have a limiting belief
working against you 


 lesson 3

Elements of Success

Build an affective framework for creating the business and relationship of your dreams. 


Module Two 

Identify patterns and fears and traits that show up in your Relationships and business.

Learn how to gracefully take ownership for your own actions, beliefs, triggers, and outcomes

lesson 4

Life Blueprint

Get clear on your values and what you desire in your relationship and business. 


lesson 5

Void to Value

Your past and values system will guide you in future choices with greater wisdom and compassion


lesson 6

Desire Mapping

Desires act as motivators, being in alignment with the right ones will propel you forward. 


Module Three 

Untangle all the crazy thoughts and become anchored in your soul’s purpose.
Transmute feelings that no longer serve you. Learn how to energetically set boundaries. 

lesson 7

Duality Calibration

Balancing the dark and light in your partner and your business helps you see the truth.


 lesson 8

Extreme Freedom Process™

Transform someone’s draining trait into a benefit which will drive your purpose forward.


 lesson 9

Subconscious Hacking™

Learn how to quickly resolve an emotion while building wisdom in the body, mind, and soul 


This level of coaching and support can
cost anywhere from $97 to $497 per month.

But I decided to reach those who are unsure or have been burnt by high-ticket coaches
...all for the cost of a fancy-pants latte.

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YES! I WANT INSTANT ACCESS NOW! $7/m (cancel anytime)

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  • The program is delivered 3 Modules with 9 lessons in total in video format. There is a downloadable workbook with each lesson plus worksheets, and other products such as affirmations, meditations and journals. 
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I created this program with the busy high-achieving woman in mind. The lessons are easy to follow, clear and to the point. You should be able to implement the lessons quickly. You can go through this at your own pace but recommend taking your time to allow the methods to integrate into your life. 

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